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Weed Control Services

Nobody likes weeds appearing in their yard, especialy HOA's and the city. Dont spend countless hours trying to remove weeds from your yard. Let us take care of your weed problems! Ambassador Landscaping LLC provides year round weed control services. Our weed control programs make is possible for you to have a weed free landscape all year round!

Weed Prevention

Pre emergent herbicide is applied to prevent any seeds from germinating (sprouting). Our pre emergent applications are guaranteed for 4 months. If you have any weeds in you landscape within the 4 month period, let us know and we wil gladly take care of the problem, at no charge to you. Our weed prevention program consists of 3 annual applications for year long protection, at a discount. We also offer one time applications.

Pre emergent herbicide can be applied at any time of the year. The most effective times of the year to apply pre emergent are: Before spring, before monsoon season, and before winter. 

Weed Control

Post emergent herbicide is used to kill any existing weeds. This can be applied at any time of the year.

Selective herbicide

Selective Herbicide is used in lawns that have weeds growing in them. This herbicide only targets weeds and not your grass. This can be applied at any time of the year.

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